Through a combination of knowledge of horses, experience in nutrition, bodywork, and energy work, I search for the root cause of the horse’s issues. Through my understanding of the equine muscular structure, the nervous system, and body language, I am able to find the root cause of your horse’s pains and behavioral problems. I do not take on the approach of western medicine that treats the symptoms, but rather use the approach of addressing the deficiencies, tensions, and imbalances causing the symptoms.

I use the word “heal” rather than “therapy” or “practitioner” because of the results I have seen in the horses I have worked with. Each horse I have set out to change something in has always maintained the changes I made in them. This points toward the horse being subject to the conditions it needs, and not just slight improvements. Every mammalian body has the ability to heal on its own when subject to the conditions it needs. While the body can provide around deficiencies, there is no replacement for the direct condition(s) the particular body desires to become whole and balanced.

– Scott Morgan, expert equine bodyworker

Healing horses with…

  • Chronic pain
  • Low energy
  • Behavior problems
  • Lameness issues
  • Those that just aren’t acting like themselves
  • and helping geriatric horses live out the rest of their lives as comfortably as possible

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Renovare uses a combination of many forms of “alternative,” or “holistic” methods to bring balance, energy, drive, and motivation back to your horse. These involve kinesiology, reflexology, muscle testing, alchemy, massage, pressure points, energy work, and Chinese theories. Through these methods I have gained a well rounded understanding of how the equine body works. Through 22 years of experience I have sharpened my skills to create a success rate second to none in equine care.

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